Layering Lessons

Autumn's arrival tends to induce in us a compelling tendency to hunker down, and an undeniable need to layer up. As sun-soaked days shrink both in length and frequency, with winter's looming grasp growing tighter by the day, daytime temperatures can vary widely in the waning weeks of the sun's golden embrace.

But though a given day may start and end in the high 40s, the hours in between, whether spent perusing the pumpkin patch, at a homecoming tailgate, or standing pitchside through a dayful of your kids' games, often span multiple temperature zones: from bundled up to bare-armed and back again by sundown.

Indeed, 'Layering Season' has arrived, and for the more sartorially-inclined of us, the mild nuisance of having to dress for an entire annual climatic cross-section within the course of one day is more than offset by increased opportunity to make style statements that are both fashionable and functional. 

As a brand born on the sunny shores of Saint Tropez now calling New York City home, we consider ourselves learned experts in the art of layering. And we design our collection as such; our soft shoulder construction, finely chosen materials, and trim European cut mean one can easily stack several garments elegantly on top of one another, giving you the ultimate in temperature control and Michelin Star level fit game without approaching Michelin Man status.

Employ the principles below to achieve the ultimate in elegant adaptability, whatever the weather...

The overarching mantra for fall is "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." Though abiding by this thinking means you are more inclined to be carrying around an un-needed coat every now and again, the flipside, we assure you, is much more frustrating. In other words: bring that layer you think you might not need.

Try Before You Fly
Caveat for the above, you should always make sure all the elements you might need actually work (and fit!) together before you embark on the day's endeavors. Not only will this ensure that you CAN deploy them all at once should the need arise, but that you are less likely to HAVE TO carry something around due to the jacket you brought not fitting properly over your sweater, etc.

It's the Little Things
Accessories (a lightweight scarf, a cashmere knit cap, a pair of gloves, etc.) are easy to tote if the sun decides to shine more amply, turning that breezy fall day for which you planned into an Indian Summer scorcher: no harm, no foul. And in addition to serving as the sartorial spark that often sets apart the stylish form the schlubby, they may end up playing the most critical role in your comfort for the day should things take a colder turn.

By keeping your extremities warm, your body can keep the blood flowing around the vital organs in your core, meaning you can likely get away with only a sweater if paired with a hat and gloves, should you happen to offer your topcoat to your significant other or another member of the fairer sex in a noble act of seasonal chivalry. Which brings us to perhaps the most important element...

Think Like a Gentleman
So the days of the 'Sunday Best' are behind us, and the teeming masses of urban professionals are no longer clad in trenchcoat and trilby for each day's commute. Sad, perhaps, but time marches on. That doesn't mean a gentleman shouldn't be prepared - prepared not only to face autumn's elements with stylish aplomb, but prepared to offer the warmth and protection of one of one's own well-appointed layers to another in need (particularly women and children).

Whether spouse, offspring, or otherwise, a gentleman's defining trait is a willingness to sacrifice his own comfort so that those he loves are more safely, warmly ensconced. So whether it is an umbrella (a proper MUST for all adult men), a favorite topcoat draped across the shoulders of your better half, or the aforementioned scarf and/or hat finding its way to a less-prepared compatriot, the most stylish trait we can think of is selflessness.

The idea of chivalry is somewhat wrought these days, given its sometimes chauvinist air, but going without so that another doesn't have to will never go out of style. May the warmth of that other radiate back to you. Or, truly worst case...

Ever the gentleman, should you find yourself down a coat, hat, and scarf thanks to an unexpected dip in temps (or a woefully underprepared group of cohorts) an antique flask and the well-placed dram it has waiting at the ready can provide a "layer" of radiant warmth that will fit under any sweater. The original technical base layer, barrel aged, brown, and beautiful. We're partial to Calvados, of course, being the proud French we are, but any liquor will do. In moderation of course. We are gentlemen after all...


Stay warm!