Cuff Love

One thing that never ceases to amaze us about fashion, and menswear in particular, is its cyclical nature. Looks and designs and materials and garments that fall out of favor with one generation are discovered anew and reintroduced to discerning dressers barely two decades later, leveraging as a selling point the very heritage and "old school" look and feel which was the demise of that very element several years prior.

Being a brand that proudly abides by our founder's mantra of "There is no future without the past,", we believe there is a certain soul to the clothing we design - that the details we incorporate capture the essence of the dressier era of our elegant forebears, but with an eminently modern sensibility both in terms of make and materials. 

This esprit de corps is evident in the devilish details of several categories in particular - suiting and blazers, outerwear, accessories, even polos - but perhaps most prominently in our pant line. One item mixes the ingredients of this cocktail of past and present with particular aplomb: our Stretch Cotton Single Pleat Boat Chino.

Among several signature elements which set this everyday essential apart from its myriad competitors - extended waist band tab front closure, single pleat front, button flap watch pocket on the front right hip, and a split waist band with a notch at the center back - the standard 2 inch cuffs truly capture the essence of who we are as a brand, and what makes what we make special. The epitome of the marriage of fashion and function.

Visually, the 2 inch cuff itself takes what is an increasingly casual garment - the everyday chino - and dresses it up ever so subtly. Functionally, the heft of the cuff adds some weight to the hemline, so that the just-slightly-lighter-weight cotton material we use can fall and drape properly, keeping the sleek lines of the trim leg single pleat design intact. And that same weight and drape allow us to employ a slightly slimmer leg opening, thereby giving what in less elegant hands might be considered "dad pants" a decidedly cleaner, more modern hit of style.

A true every day pant, that is anything but everyday. Slicker than your average, and ready to embark for fall.